This Frank Lloyd Wright-Designed Cat House is Purrfect!

Frank Lloyd Wright Cathouse | This American HouseFrank Lloyd Wright was responsible for a lot of human houses but, as far as I know, this was his only commission for a kitty. Painted in Wright’s signature Cherokee Red, the cat house was included in the commission for the Tonkens House in Cincinnati, Ohio. This awesome space age cat house was recently sold on ebay and will now live at the Feline History Museum.

I showed the design to resident feline, Zola Jones, to get her opinion.

Zola Jones' Take on the FLW Cathouse | This American House

That’s it? Just pretty cool? Don’t you think it kind of looks like something out of The Jetsons? Oh, wait, you’re too young to remember The Jetsons. Do you have any other thoughts on it, Zola?

Zola Jones' Take on the FLW Cathouse | This American House

Well, no, I don’t think it’s stocked with tuna.

Zola Jones' Take on the FLW Cathouse | This American House

Yes, it will give you some measure of privacy. But you won’t be able to do you business in there, you know.

Zola Jones' Take on the FLW Cathouse | This American House

Ah, yes, that’s a good point, Zola Jones. Perhaps it’s best that the Feline History Museum in Alliance, Ohio now owns the Frank Lloyd Wright cat house.

Top image: Hauspanther (via PrairieMod)
All other images: This American House

Pioneer Cemetery: Rossville, Iowa

Pioneer Cemetery: Rossville, Iowa | This American House

One of the many things The Mister and I have in common is an appreciation for cemeteries. He spent his teen years exploring old cemeteries along the plains of North Dakota and I spent mine discovering forgotten burial grounds on the back roads of rural Ohio. Mind you, we weren’t goth kids and there was nothing macabre about our appreciation of cemeteries. The Mister was interested in the history of the crumbling tombstones and I was just happy to escape to someplace that offered solitude and silence.

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So Much Depends on a Green Wheelbarrow

The Green Wheelbarrow | This American House

When The Mister came home and saw the wheelbarrow stocked with all the limbs and sticks that I had gathered from a recent storm, he quoted William Carlos Williams’ poem The Red Wheelbarrow:

so much depends
a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white

And that is your cultural moment for the day. Go forth and make poetry, people!

Image: This American House